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Happy New Year From TSR

Hello dear ones.

We wanted to pass along a word of thanks for the first few months of our existence. It's definitely been an exciting time.

We were able to connect with some very innovative, incredible people across Northern Europe this past fall during Laura Reznek, Sam Lynch, and Alexandria Maillot's Sleep Talk Tour.  During a time in music where much of the attention is focussed on how many likes an Instagram post gets, or number of views your YouTube video has, we were happy to experience real human connection through the music, even at times where the same languages were not spoken. From the team of two powerhouse women, Anne Dvinge and Stine Hulvej and their volunteers at Low Fi Concerts, to Kirstine Lindemann - clown, flautist, performance artist extraordinaire, to a community house in the woods of Auhmüle, to Vio Petram of Die Unikate in Hamburg, Ambassador of Canada to Norway, Artur Wilczynski, his partner Randy Stoker (both band members of Diplomatic Immunity!), to the team at Roccomore Shoes in Copenhagen, to the tenacious songwriter-guitarist-event planner Joules Fuchs from Hannover, and so many more who we met along the way. Thank you for making our first time on the road truly magical and inspiring. 

2018 will soon see some new releases (and perhaps another tour or two!). We strive to bring you something refreshing and exciting with each song we put out or with every event we put on, so please do keep in touch and see what's to come. Words, visuals, music, movement - there will be a little of something for everyone! 



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